The 2019 Spring Escarpment Projects

For 2019 The Escarpment Project annual clean up is happening on Good Friday, April 19th at 10am.

The locations offer something for everyone – From  fun, rugged terrain to easy-to-manoeuvre paved trails. With the diversity of these locations more people can join in on the fun and help build and strengthen the communities in which they live and play.

Get Involved with the Escarpment Project Annual Clean-up Today.

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The Escarpment Project welcomes volunteers and  you are officially invited to GET INVOLVED! for the annual clean up. Since you are interested in helping out you can Get Involved with the 2018 Escarpment Project at one of our locations. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering by filling out the handy form to the right and just show up to your favourite location on clean-up day.

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PLEASE NOTE: Albion Falls has been closed for regular public access but it will be open to a limited number of Escarpment Project volunteers with some restrictions. There are unfortunately no exceptions and the number of volunteers is limited. Other instructions will be given on site. Bring your ID. Please email us directly if you have questions.

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Clean-up day 2019.

It has become clearly evident that people were waiting for an organized event like The Annual Escarpment Project. People are actively joining the army of volunteers from Oakville, Toronto, St Catharines, Niagara, and beyond. The  clean-up is regularly joined by just as many out-of-towners as Hamilton residents.  The people attending and supporting the clean-ups are the reason behind its dramatic growth. The number of volunteers continues to grow with each passing year. While nature enthusiasts make up the largest portion of volunteers, there are many who simply want to be a part of something positive in their community.

The Escarpment Project even provides a great out-door, fun opportunity for students to complete community service hours. This is a perfect way to gather the hours needed to put towards the volunteer requirement to graduate high school.

Thank you for wanting to Get Involved!

New Horizons

The Escarpment Project is continually expanding the number of clean-up sites each year. In the Spring of 2012 it began with Devil’s Punchbowl, followed by Albion and Buttermilk Falls in midsummer. The following spring saw the addition of new locations; Chedoke Radial Trail, Stairs & Falls area, Kenilworth Rail Trail & Stairs, Felkers Falls and Ancaster Creek at Powers Crossing in Dundas. In 2014 two new locations were added; Wentworth Stairs & Access Trails, as well as the Bruce Trail in Dundas near Sydenham Falls. In 2015 we added a location on the Red Hill Valley Trail at the King St and Lawrence area. We are constantly on the lookout for new locations as we expand our clean-up across the escarpment. If you have any suggestions for an area feel free to pass the location along to us for consideration for our next clean-up initiative. Please also send photos of the area.

Be a Leader in Your Community

Being a leader in your community is very rewarding not just for you but for others around you. It inspires people to get active and sets a great example for others to follow.  Contributing to a healthier environment for future generations is very honourable and you can see the difference you make on the environment immediately.

If the escarpment runs through your city and you would like to become a team leader and start this project in your community click here and let us know. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding. It can be quite a bit of work but well worth it in the end.