Project Rock Chapel (Dundas)

Rock Chapel Falls which is better known as Borer’s Falls is one of several waterfalls located in this area. Another is Upper Hoskins Cascade. We’ll be in between the two. This is not a good area to bring children as the terrain can be fairly rugged.

To get to this location, take Highway 5 and turn toward the escarpment on Rock Chapel Road. Just past Valley Road you will reach the first bend in the road. At the bend in the road is also a lane-way between houses. The area we will be cleaning is at the end of the lane-way just over the escarpment. It is slightly off the Bruce trail just down a short flight of stairs.
Alternatively you can take Valley Road up the escarpment and turn left at the top. At the first bend in the road is the laneway. You can not park in the laneway but can park on the shoulder or at Borer’s Falls Conservation area and walk from there. We also suggest you car pool because parking is limited.

This is a location that has been neglected for a very long time. You might even find some antiques or collectibles.
With such natural beauty surrounding this area it is bound to be a memorable event for any volunteer.

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Team Leader

Allison Ames 

If you have a question about this location contact the team leader.

About Borer’s Falls:

Rock Chapel Falls is better known as Borer’s Falls.

It is a 49 foot (15 meter) waterfall that runs into Borer’s Creek which is a tributary that feeds Cootes Paradise. It’s surrounded by lush, green vegetation in the summer and has a fantastic flow during the wet season. It usually runs year round but can slow to just a trickle during drier times.

Like other waterfalls in Hamilton it used to provide water to power a sawmill in Rock Chapel Village. This mill was run by the Borer family. After years of land clearing the creek’s flow slowed to the point where it could no longer power the mill.

Project Rock Chapel

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