Project Red Hill Valley Trail

For the 2018 clean up we have teamed up with Mohawk College for their ABC Day and the clean up will be taking place on Sunday April 8th.

For more details or to join the clean up click here.

Red Hill Creek Bird
The Red Hill Valley Trail
runs from Confederation Park to Albion Falls, a total distance of about 12km. The trail runs along side the Red Hill Creek and has some very picturesque scenery. When the Redhill Parkway was built the creek was literally moved from where it was to it’s current location, which is where it ran thousands of years ago. We will be meeting and entering the trail at the King St. and Lawrence parking lot.

Team Leaders

Gloria Montes

Location History:

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the Red Hill Valley for many reasons. When the red Hill Valley Parkway was created many of Hamilton’s residents were opposed to destroying the valley to put in a road. In order to put in the road the actual creek had to be moved. The builders moved the creek to its current location which is where it ran thousands of years ago. Nature always wins and the creek still floods the surrounding lands each year despite the best efforts of engineers to contain it. For more info on its history click: here

Redhill Valley Trail at King

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Redhill Valley Trail at King 43.226600, -79.792500