Project Punchbowl

This is where The Escarpment Project started with the first ever Project Punchbowl.

At the top of the escarpment Devil’s Punchbowl is located just East of Centennial Parkway on Ridge Road.  Please visit the Punch Bowl Market & Bakery and thank them for all of their support with this project. It is safest to start from down below. You can meet us on the other side of the railroad tracks by the Trevor Drive entrance. From King St in StoneyCreek turn toward the escarpment on Mountain Ave South then right on Trevor Drive.  See the map below for details.

This is also the meeting location for two other smaller projects; Billy Green Falls and the Dewitt Falls area which has unfortunately also become a dumping ground. If you are interested in one of these locations please let us know when you sign up.

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Devil’s Punchbowl

Team Leaders:

LA Mabo
Ele Jean

If you have a question about this location contact a team leader.

Location History:

The mere name Devil’s Punchbowl can conjure up many images in a person’s mind. Add a cross that lights up at night and imaginations can run wild.

How did it actually get its name?
About 100 years ago there was a moonshine operation at the top of the escarpment near Ridge Road. People would hike to the top to get some fresh water from the falls and return with moonshine instead. The moonshine makers were said to be doing the work of the devil.

It is also reported that on moonless nights the phantom of one of the moonshiners can be seen carrying two buckets along ridge road.

Cross Above Devil's Punchbowl

Why the cross?

The cross is more of a Christmas story than anything. In about the 1920’s there once stood a very tall pine tree. Each year at Christmas it would get decorated with red and green lights. After many years the ground eroded and the tree began to slide until it was too dangerous to decorate. Three hydro workers decided to replace the tree with a wooden cross and light it at Christmas and Easter. By 1966 time took its toll on the cross and it began to fall apart. As a permanent solution to send the message of God’s goodwill to all, a steel cross was erected. On Dec 18 1966 the cross was lit up and has stood ever since. On clear nights it can be seen from the top of Clappison’s Corners.

Devil's Punchbowl

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Devil\'s Punchbowl 43.212026, -79.757524