PLEASE NOTE: This location has enough volunteers. If you wish to help out please consider another location so that our clean up efforts will be more effective and your skills/time better utilized.

Project Glover’s Falls

Glovers Falls

People who have been to the Glover’s Falls area have seen the constant disrespect for nature that has been happening here. This location isn’t like others along the escarpment where people simply drop a bottle, can or coffee cup. Once you see the location you will have no problem understanding that all the pollution is from people dumping waste and debris from the top of the escarpment. (Likely because it is a semi-remote location at the end of a dead end side road.) In terms of illegal dumping it is considered a hot zone. Volunteers will also have to be steady on their feet as the terrain can be challenging.

From the top of the escarpment drive to the South end of First Rd West and turn left. At the end of that road you can park and then take a side trail down the escarpment. Turn left at the “T” and follow that trail to the water inlet drain.

From below the escarpment Park on Greenhill Avenue in front of the water treatment plant. Follow the trail beside the plant that leads up the escarpment. That will be our staging area for this location. After going a short distance, you will see a large fenced concrete intake structure which takes the water from both East Glover’s Falls and Glover’s Falls. Cross over to the right side of this ravine and structure and go up. At the top of the ravine you can see Glover’s Falls.

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Team Leader

Sherri Nash

If you have a question about this location contact a team leader.

About Glover’s Falls

Glovers falls with flowGlover’s Falls is located on a tributary of the Davis Creek system.
It’s a seasonal waterfall that flows after the winter snow melt or heavy rainfall. Just downstream it passes through a storm water inlet and disappears underground where the water passes through a series of shafts before finally opening into a ravine and travelling down the Red Hill Valley.

Glovers Falls

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Glovers Falls 43.209993, -79.776449