Project Billy Green

Billy Green Falls
Billy Green Falls is also known to some as Battlefield Falls because it runs into Battlefield Creek from the West of Centenial Parkway.
Billy Green Falls isn’t an “official” project this year however  because of its close proximity to Devil’s Punchbowl and its relative ease of access, people are welcome to meet at the lower entrance (staging area) to Devil’s Punchbowl and then hike over. It only takes a few minutes to hike. There is also limited roadside parking on the West side of Centennial Parkway on your way up the hill. The Escarpment Project will then remove any of the bags left by the curb to the inside of the guard rail.

When travelling South (up the hill) on Centennial Parkway.
Billy Green Falls is located at the second ravine on the West (right) side of the road.

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Team Leader

Ann Behnke

If you have a question about this location contact a team leader.

Location History:

Billy Green Falls is named after Billy Green who was a scout in the Battle of Stoney Creek which was part of a battle during the war of 1812.
Billy Green’s father, Adam, received a grant of 300 acres near the top of the escarpment and built a flour mill after fighting in the American revolution.
During the war of 1812, Billy and his brother Levi scouted the approach of American troops. Because of his intimate knowledge of the local terrain, Billy led the British soldiers during their three hour march to meet the enemy forces at their encampment in Stoney Creek. Britain went on to win the ensuing battle.
In 1877 Billy Green died and a memorial stone was erected in his honour.

Project Billy Green

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