Project Armes Lookout

armes-park-lookoutAlong the top of the Hamilton escarpment are many small parks and vistas where people can stroll to and look out over the city. Armes Lookout is one of them. It is located in Armes Park, a small park at the edge of the escarpment on Mountain Brow Blvd near Mohawk Rd. It looks out over King’s Forest Golf Course. There is a small parking lot there next to a very small gorge. Too often people drive or walk there and dump unwanted materials over the edge.

This location is not an “official location” for this year’s clean up, however, it has been a regular part of the annual clean up in the past as there is a team that works on the area.  Because of it’s very close proximity to the Kenilworth Stairs along the Rail Trail and the need for attention we are pointing you in this direction.
You can access the clean up area via the Kenilworth Rail Trail or by climbing down the embankment at the edge of the escarpment. You can also walk there from Mohawk Sports Complex (Bernie Arbour Stadium) via the Rail Trail.

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Location History

The land Armes Lookout Park is on used to be part of a dairy farm own and operated by Joseph and Ethel Armes. Armes Park was donated to the Hamilton Board of Park Management  by Ethel Armes in memory of her late husband Joseph Dalton Armes who was a dairy farmer. There is now a plaque situated on the property at the edge of the escarpment which was erected by the reeve of the township of Barton and warden of the county of Wentworth.

Armes Park

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