Project Albion Falls

Albion Falls is located where Mountain Brow Blvd meets Mud St. We will be meeting at the Mud St parking lot nearest Pritchard Rd.  Although Albion Falls is closed off to the public there is still a need to have it cleaned and The Escarpment Project has received permission to bring volunteers into the area. We are also hoping to hike into the Buttermilk Falls area from this location and remove what we can from there.

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Albion Falls

Team Leaders

Jay Poel
Fred Gundel

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Location History:

The land Albion Falls is located on was once known as Albion Mills or the Village of Mount Albion. The village featured a grist mill. It’s remnants can still be seen at the falls. In 1880, its name was changed to Mount Albion. The mill continued to operate until 1907, when the owner, Robert Grassie, fell into the wheel pit and was killed.

About a kilometre down stream it joins with the stream from Buttermilk Falls. A dam and a primitive sawmill was located there during the mid-1800s. Remnants can still be seen if one looks closely. One day a group of workmen there quarrelled and one of them was killed. It has been reported that his ghost can be seen hovering over the stream, travelling along the roads, or floating through the woods.

Albion Falls has been a favourite for people to visit for years and years by hikers, photographers and others…

Buttermillk Falls is located less than 1 minute just around the bend from Albion Falls at the top of the escarpment.

At one time Buttermilk Falls ran a lot faster with more water pouring out of it. But over time, with urban sprawl at the top of the escarpment water has been diverted elsewhere and its flow has somewhat diminished. It runs year round and is especially fantastic after heavy rains. At the bottom of the falls and slightly up the creek are the rusted remnants of a coupe of automobiles that have been there since the 1970’s. During the clean up of 2012 that also included Albion Falls some of the remnants were pulled out from the gorge but some still exists. We are hoping to raise enough money to rent a crane to pull the remaining remnants out.

Buttermilk Falls

Albion Map

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Albion Map 43.200671, -79.815717