Celebrate the escarpment, our green space and a healthier environment!


The Escarpment Project BBQ is an event showing our appreciation for Escarpment Project volunteers.

The Escarpment Project BBQ is unique from other events.

In an effort to keep litter out of the escarpment we are inviting people to drop off recyclables such as; tires, electronics, scrap metal, paint cans and batteries. After that stick around and enjoy our BBQ, have a beer and also listen to some groovin’ live music. Also visit some of our vendor booths to learn more about the escarpment and what other organizations are doing to help improve our environment. If that’s not enough we will be selling rain barrels as well. You can pre-order yours here.

Location : Punchbowl Market – 136 Ridge Road
Date : Saturday, April 21 2018
Time : 10AM – 5PM
Price : Admission is free.
Escarpment Project volunteers with wrist bands will receive food tickets so they can have a BBQ lunch. On the menu is pizza, BBQed burgers and sausage plus a soft drink, hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Food Sponsors