2022 Annual Spring Clean up – GAME ON!

Let me try to explain this in true Canadian fashion…
Remember when you were a kid playing street hockey and you had to stop the game until the car went by and resumed playing when it had passed? Well if Covid was the car, GAME ON!
It’s true we are still seeing effects of Covid and its variants but it looks as though we are looking at it’s tail lights so The Escarpment Project is preparing for our regular annual spring clean up.

2022 also mark’s the 10th anniversary of The Escarpment Project. Someone blow out the candles! We’re a pre-teen.

Mark Saturday April 23rd on your calendar and join us at one of our clean up locations across the city at 10AM. Afterward, take a timeout and join us at the Punchbowl market for our volunteer appreciation BBQ and the blowing out of our birthday candles. Not to mention celebrating some normalcy in this world… Along with soft drinks and food, we will be featuring a beer garden and live music from MacKenzie Leigh Meyer who has been nominated for at least 5 CMA Ontario Awards this year, including; Female Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

Here is a tentative list of project locations:

  • Project Rock Chapel – Dundas
  • Project Sanatorium – Chedoke West
  • Project Chedoke Stairs and Radial Trail
  • Project Sam Lawrence Park and Trails
  • Project Wentworth Stairs and Trails
  • Project Kenilworth Stairs and Rail Trail
  • Project Albion Falls
  • Project Billy Green Falls

For more information about this year’s clean up or to sign up head to our website: https://escarpmentproject.ca/the-escarpment-project-annual-clean-up/sign-get-involved-the-escarpment-projects/

We look forward to seeing you!

The Escarpment Project Team

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