Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

It will feel so great when you can tear that mask off and see everybody’s smile again! Here is something you an do that will also lift your spirits. A lot of people have been doing it already. Go for a hike! There are many people that are feeling trapped and to help lift their spirits they are returning to nature to feel better. It works! If you are one of these people perhaps you would be interested in doing a little cleaning while you hike. We at The Escarpment Project want to follow safety protocols so we aren’t holding our regular clean up event this year but if you are planning on going on a hike anyway we’re hoping you’ll do a little spring cleaning. We’ll even supply the bags and gloves. With more people hiking than usual over the last year we’ve noticed more garbage lying around so we’re doing what we can to help mother nature.

To get supplies just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our website click here and fill out the form telling us how many supplies you need
  2. Pick a day to come for your supplies (following current Covid safety protocols) and come and get them. (They include special city garbage bags that the city will pick up at no extra cost.)
  3. Go for a hike (in your bubble of course)
  4. Take pics of your effort on a trail or near a waterfall and send them to us, or tag us on social media.
  5. Bring the bags home and the city will pick them up on regular garbage day at no extra cost.

As an added bonus, when you come for your supplies you will receive the new Iroquoia Bruce Trail Badge for cleaning. Badge numbers are limited.

We wish you all the best!

The Escarpment Project Team