New Albion Falls Viewing Platform

The Escarpment Project is happy to report that Hamiltonians are one step closer to getting back to being up close and personal with Albion Falls.

Albion Falls Oct 2015

Over the past several years Escarpment Project volunteers, hikers, Hamilton residents and City of Hamilton staff created an Albion Falls Stairway Task Force Committee. The goal of the committee has been to create a new, safe and accessible location to view Albion Falls on the South side of the gorge while maintaining the protection of the environmentally sensitive area.

In addition to a new south viewing platform, other improvements would include:

  • Stairs and elevated boardwalks, with rest areas at the access point, mid-point and end point
  • Benches and signage
  • Restoration planting and seeding
  • An East-West Pedestrian Crossover on Mountain Brow Boulevard

It’s time for your input

The City of Hamilton has created an Albion Falls Survey and would like you to take it. The survey is aimed at understanding visitor experience, and gauging resident support for the new south viewing platform.

The survey runs until February 22, 2021.

To take the survey, or learn more about the Albion Falls south viewing platform project, including schedule and next steps, visit:

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