Team Leaders Wanted

The Escarpment Project believes in a clean and healthy environment for humans, animals and nature. Removing the litter and debris that people dump along the escarpment will help the already endangered animals and wildlife that live there, survive and hopefully thrive. The Escarpment Project also believes that by taking massive action the word of creating a better environment for all will spread and more people will join in.
We do this by having a giant, annual clean up of the escarpment every April followed by a volunteer appreciation BBQ. (It’s more like a BBQ on steroids.) We hope you join us this year on Saturday April 21st at 10am.

We are currently looking for responsible, volunteer, team leaders who will help register people at one of our various locations across the escarpment from Dundas to Grimsby and help hand out clean-up supplies while volunteers are signing in.

If you are interested or have any question please email;


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