2017 Fall Clean up

It seems like the summer has gone by in the blink of an eye and autumn is just weeks away. While the Escarpment Project is involved in small less publicized clean ups throughout the year we have had a lot of requests over the last couple of years to add an annual fall clean up of the escarpment. This year we will do just that for a few of the most used and abused locations. Join us for our fall clean up on Saturday Sept 16th at 10am as we clean an area in Dundas and Hamilton. We will be cleaning the portion of the Bruce Trail between Sam Lawrence Park and the Wentworth Stairs as well as other areas near the bottom of lower Wentworth Stairs. The stairs themselves will be closed for maintenance so we will have a meeting place at the East end of Sam Lawrence Park and a place at the bottom of the lower Wentworth Stairs.
Just off the Bruce Trail in Dundas are a couple of areas that get a lot of abuse. One is a place where kids like to hang out and the other is near the sound barrier fence where someone has left a lot of construction materials.  We will be meeting at the corner of Melville and Brock Streets in Dundas and hiking up the trail to the sand hill. While there will not be a BBQ following the fall clean up we will be giving wrist bands out to people to attend our BBQ/Festival following our annual spring clean up. The spring clean up is tentatively scheduled for Earth Day weekend in 2018. We hope you will join us.

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