Public Input Regarding Escarpment and Waterfall Safety Measures

Every few weeks it seems like we hear a story about how someone needed to be rescued from the escarpment somewhere in Hamilton. In recent weeks there have been 6 such rescues with the majority being at Albion Falls. (You can read more on that here.) In light of these events the City of Hamilton is currently setting up measures to prevent these incidents from taking place after city staff and other organizations met. (You can read about these measures here.) Since that time The Escarpment Project has been in communication with attendees of that meeting and they are interested in having input from frequent visitors to the area who are very familiar with the landscape. The Escarpment Project will be holding a meeting for all those interested in brainstorming ideas and having input on Wednesday July 5th starting at 7pm at Splittsville.  Please note that this is a brainstorming meeting only. No city officials or staff are expected to attend and ideas will be proposed to the city in the coming days after the meeting. If you are interested in attending come with your ideas. If you are unable to attend feel free to email us your ideas.

In light of these events it would also be a good time to remind people of escarpment safety. Visit our safety page and watch our escarpment safety reminder video here

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of the 2017 Escarpment Project spring clean up. Despite weather conditions it was a tremendous success with over 400 volunteers taking part. Huge thank you to everyone who helped out and made it so successful.

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