Less than 1 Week

With less than 7 days until The Escarpment Project annual clean up we wanted to inform you of the positive things that have been happening. The number of volunteers who have signed up this year has already surpassed the number from last year. We’re stoked! There has been such positive success in both volunteer turnout and in keeping areas clean that in some instances we have had to increase the size of the clean-up areas or add sites using a common sign-in location. As long as numbers are correct this will turn out to be the most engaging year yet. It is truly fantastic and rewarding when community members like you rally in a positive way for something so commendable. Everyone who helps improve our environment is honoured and appreciated.

We hope you attend the volunteer appreciation BBQ at Punchbowl Market after the clean up. We strive to make each year better than the previous for you and as rewarding as possible for everyone. This year is going to be a pivotal year for the BBQ as we begin turning it into what we hope will be an almost completely self-funded annual event. These are our first steps toward that endeavour and although it may not be perfect for everyone we hope you enjoy all the work that is going into it. We also appreciate all your constructive feedback, as do our sponsors and vendors. Many local businesses will be there as vendors who have put a lot of time and effort into helping make this a positive experience for the environment and you. After you clean up please come out and support these well intended businesses and organizations.

Click to pre-order your rain barrel

It is not too late to purchase your rain barrel.  They are $55 which is less than many box stores and they can help decrease your water bill.



If you have any recyclables remember to bring them. We will be recycling; tires, batteries, electronics, scrap metal, paint and plastic bottles in an effort to keep these items out of the escarpment.


Thank you for your support for this year and past years. With your involvement this part of our world is better for it.


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