Clean up at Glendale Falls

After taking a stroll through the Glendale Falls area recently and finding some interesting pieces of litter and the usual tires, furniture and other debris, we have decided to do a small clean up at Glendale Falls on Sunday Feb 26th starting at 1pm. Ten good people is likely the most it will take. Garbage bags and gloves will be supplied. For those interested you can get there from either the upper or lower escarpment:
From the upper escarpment you can park at the West end of Kingsview Dr (off of Paramount Dr) and hike in.
From the lower escarpment you can park on Mt. Albion Rd and hike in.

Glendale Falls

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Glendale Falls 43.202360, -79.809408


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of this year’s annual Escarpment Project clean up is on Sunday, April 30th starting at 10am. Please sign up on our website for it. As per usual we will be having a BBQ celebration afterwards for all the volunteers which will include 2 live bands, a beer tent and more. We will also be selling rain barrels and have large scale recycling bins for people who wish to drop off items such as; tires, electronics, batteries, paint cans and scrap metal. We hope this will help keep these items out of the environment.

Click here to preview our latest video promoting the annual clean up.

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