Interim Clean-up in Dundas

Most participants have come to know that the Escarpment Project holds an annual clean-up across the escarpment in Hamilton on the last Sunday of each April.  This year due a higher volume of traffic and unfortunately greater amount of litter along the trail and creek systems in Dundas we are holding an interim clean-up in just a couple of weeks on Saturday, November 28 starting at 10 AM. During this interim clean-up our focus will be on removing mainly coffee cups, water bottles and pop cans in a couple of problem areas near Sydenham, Tews and Websters Falls. As with our annual clean-up we will be supplying gloves and garbage bags. If you are interested in helping clean up please let us know by signing up at our website and we will send you meeting location details.
The team leader for this clean-up is Ine Wauben who has been an Escarpment Project team leader for several years in this area. She is also a member of the Hamilton Conservation Foundation.


tews garbage

Several garbage bags sitting in the ground along the trail system in Dundas.
Photo from Escarpment Project Facebook page post – Credit to Sherri Nash







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