One Month Away

Spring is here! The snow is melting and The Escarpment Project clean-up is exactly a month away.

If you are new to The Escarpment Project or unsure of what we do; The Escarpment Project is Hamilton’s largest volunteer environmental clean-up. We clean up the litter and debris that has accumulated along the escarpment trails, waterfall areas and other popular locations. Some of it has been there for years or even decades. After taking part people tell us; how satisfied they feel, that they have a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment and that it is rewarding and fun. Please join us on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 11AM. By taking part you aren’t just removing litter and debris, you are doing something for the greater good, for nature, the animals that live there and you are building stronger communities. Let’s also not forget that getting out into nature is great for your own mental, emotional and spiritual health. Perhaps that is why people find it so satisfying. Here is a short video to remind you how beautiful it is. Please remember to share it with friends personally and on social media.



Thank you

The Escarpment Project had it’s first ever fundraiser on Sunday, March 22, 2015. tracies placeIt was a ‘Night of Laughter’ at Tracie’s Place on Upper James St in Hamilton. There was a fantastic line up of comedians. It was standing room only and everyone had a laugh. Thank you to Tracie and her staff for putting on such a fabulous show and for supporting not just The Escarpment Project but also the environment and the communities in which we live.




Thanks also to several of Hamilton’s city councillors for their support in helping make The Escarpment Project happen again this year;

  • Sam Merulla
  • Tom Jackson
  • Matthew Green
  • Scott Duvall
  • Doug Conley
  • Chad Collins