Final Details


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The weather is looking good for Sunday. Sunny and 14 degrees with a 40% chance of up to 1 mm of rain

If you signed up and didn’t receive a reply email of course you can come. We will be registering people on site. Please remember to sign in when you get there so we know how many people turn out.
If you are a student remember to bring the volunteer forms from your school so we can fill them out.
If you are taking pictures please post them on the Facebook page and anywhere else you can.
The Twitter hash tag for the Escarpment Project is #escprj and please tweet a lot so the rest of the country knows how awesome Hamilton people are and how much we care about our environment.

We’re also looking for some strong guys for “Engine Duty” to volunteer to help get the car engine out of the creek area near Albion Falls and the couch out from Devils Punchbowl.

Meet the team leaders:
Devils Punchbowl: Joy, Kathleen, Lisa & Dave
Davis/Veevers/Felkers: Jasminka, Marina & Lisa
Albion: Kim, Ken, Mike & Kathy
Kenilworth: Stephanie
Chedoke: Gabrielle & Amanda
Ancaster Creek/Powers Crossing: Nimo

Please have fun, be safe and have an awesome experience!!