Last Minute Changes to The Escarpment Project

Last minute Changes to The Escarpment Project

In a recent meeting on March 7 with the Hamilton Conservation Authority and City of Hamilton S.E.A.T. committee. The conservation authority decided that due to recent weather conditions and more normal winter weather that the ground would not be suitable for tree planting this spring and some of the clean up areas might be hazardous. Unfortunately this means that all tree planting activity has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that volunteers who were going to plant trees will still show their support. The city of Hamilton has also asked that we stay out of the waterfalls during this time of year. As such we will be staying on trails around the proposed clean up areas and Escarpment Project volunteers will be on hand to direct people appropriately.
We again thank the City and HCA for their continued support and equal concern for the safety of hikers who choose to hike and pick up litter on April 7. If there is a need to cancel due to bad weather the rescheduled day will be Sunday May 19.
Thank You