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Project Wentworth Stairs and Side Trails

PLEASE NOTE: We have had such an overwhelming response for this location this year compared to past years, that we ask that you also help out further along the trails such as; The Bruce Trail towards Sam Lawrence Park where it tends to get very littered as it is the most used portion of the Bruce Trail in Hamilton.  We would also be happy to provide you with supplies if you have another location of your own in mind. Thank you. 

This clean up location is sponsored by The Millionaire’s Daughter – Fabulous furniture on consignment in Hamilton, Oakville, Aurora and Kitchener, Ontario. www.themillionairesdaughter.com

Below the escarpment the Wentworth Stairs are located at the South end of Wentworth Street South. At the top of the escarpment they are located at the very bottom of Upper Wentworth St. at Mountain Park Ave. At the bottom of the steps you’ll find access to the Rail Trail. You can also find access to the famous Bruce Trail.

These 498 steps are the most used escarpment stairs in Hamilton. Unfortunately with the high volume of traffic this area endures, comes increased levels of litter in the area. This project includes the Stairs area, Rail Trail and Bruce Trail which runs parallel to the Rail Trail.

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Team Leader

Eric Carolan

If you have a question about this location contact a team leader.

Location History:

Of Hamilton’s 5 sets of stairs the Wentworth Stairs is one of the oldest. The original wooden steps were built in 1903 next to the site of the city’s second Incline railway (1895–1936)( Eastend Incline Railway) at the base of the escarpment and Wentworth Street. They were replaced with metal steps after a rock slide in March 1983 and now follow the path of the old Incline Railway. During summer months it is estimated that these steps are traversed over 2000 times per day.w-rail-trail


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