Project Felker’s Falls

PLEASE NOTE: We have had such positive success with people keeping this area clean and such an overwhelming response for this location this year compared to past years, that we may ask you to help at another nearby location such as; Glovers Falls or Veevers areas.  We would also be happy to provide you with supplies if you have another location of your own in mind. Thank you. We hope you are not disappointed.

Felker's Falls

From the bottom of this location you can enter by making your way to the very South end of Quigley Rd. where it meets Hildegard Dr. and park on the street. Once there you can enter by hiking through a short trail on the corner until you come to a creek. That will be our staging area for this location.

From this staging area people can hike into the falls and pull litter and debris out or they can stay in this area of the creek which is more readily accessible and remove waste from there before it heads further downstream and ends up in Lake Ontario.

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Team Leader

Jessica Grande

If you have a question about this location contact a team leader.

Location History:

For over 140 years the Felker family owned the land in which Felker’s Falls is located on.
John Felker and his wife, Mary, raised seven children on the land until he died in 1838. His oldest son, John Frederick Felker II, inherited the farm where he and his wife, Mary, raised their thirteen children. Following John Frederick’s possession of the land his sons divided the land and Frederick’s youngest son, Hiram Felker, inherited the property where the falls are located.  Hiram’s son Joseph Felker lived his entire life on the Felker’s Falls property farming the land. In 1961, Joseph died and his children sold the property to a construction company, however the land later became part of an acquisition program along the Niagara Escarpment to save and protect the natural land. Hamilton Conservation Authority now owns this land.

The Felker Family Cemetery still remains on Mud St. at First Rd. West.