Mohawk College has partnered with the Escarpment Project for “A Better Community Day” on Sunday April 8, 2018.
A Better Community Day is a day when the Mohawk Student Association encourages Mohawk students, high school volunteers and community members to volunteer to contribute through community involvement and action. Two locations have been chosen to clean up along the escarpment including; James St stairs and Red Hill Valley Trail.


11:00 – 12:00 – Registration at Mohawk College (MSA Plaza)  *participants will receive T-Shirts during their registration
12:00 – 12:30 – Lunch will be provided
12:30 –   1:00 – Welcome Speech
1:00 –  4:00 – Volunteers will separate into groups and head to their locations.


Project Red Hill Valley Trail

The Red Hill Valley Trail runs from Confederation Park to Albion Falls, a total distance of about 12km. The trail runs along side the Red Hill Creek and has some very picturesque scenery. When the Redhill Parkway was built the creek was literally moved from where it was to it’s current location, which is where it ran thousands of years ago. We will be meeting and entering the trail at the King St. and Lawrence parking lot.

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Project James St Stairs

The James St Stairs originate at Southam Park at the top of the escarpment by the Claremont Access. At the bottom of the escarpment they can be accessed from Freeman Pl. which is located at the South end of James St. The meeting location for this location will be the bottom of the stairs.

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