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Clean-up Sunday April 30th 2017 at 11AM

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The Escarpment Project Annual Clean-up for 2017 takes place on Sunday April 30th at 11 AM.

The Escarpment Project Annual Clean-up was started in 2011 and quickly erupted to become the largest volunteer environmental clean up in Hamilton and one of the largest of its kind in Canada. People of all ages gather at various locations along the escarpment in Hamilton to revitalize the forest and help return it to its natural splendour by removing litter & debris that has been dumped and left there, in some cases for years and even decades.

During the last clean-up (Sunday April 24th, 2016) almost 1000 volunteers helped remove approximately 800+ bags of litter plus furniture, car parts,  bikes, shopping carts, computers, TVs and more. What people find most surprising is how fun and rewarding it is to help out the environment in this way. Follow this link to watch the video: Escarpment Project Clean-Up Video 2015

If you would like to volunteer for our next big clean-up let us know. It takes place Sunday, April 3oth 2017 at 11AM. If there is an area of interest you would like to work on tell us.

Students are able to get community service hours for helping.   Click for more info.

People can do many things including: Clean up litter, help hand out supplies, hike and video tape the clean up or even help at the BBQ. You can stay and help for as long or short of a time as you like. All help is appreciated. Even if you just come for moral support. If you will be video taping please just email us the footage you would like us to use in the clean up documentary or put it on a USB stick and allow us to copy it. We will return the USB stick.

If you would like to take part please click here and let us know.

Escarpment Project FAQs

Ok what is this #EscPrj (Escarpment Project) all about anyway?


The Escarpment Project is a clean-up event that began in 2011 at Devil’s Punchbowl. During the making of the first video blog I whimsically nicknamed it, “Project Punchbowl.”  With the addition of other clean-up locations came additional nicknames such as; Project Albion, Project Chedoke, Project Kenilworth Rail Trail and the list goes on…   Since the clean-up locations travelled the length of the escarpment in Hamilton and with plans to expand the clean-up locations even further along the escarpment, I gave the burgeoning volunteer effort a name “The Escarpment Project”.

Such an overwhelming response of local volunteers started to get involved and helping with all aspects of the annual event that we decided it was time to get a social-profit company (non-profit) set-up to have a more formal organisation as our administrative foundation. People started offering sponsorship and donations.

There are a wide variety of people and teams that take part in the annual clean-up including large corporations such as; Starbucks, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, St Joseph’s Healthcare, First Ontario Credit Union, Muskoka Brewery and McMaster Innovation Park. In order to post the event in their event listings some companies require Not For Profit numbers which are given to Non-Profit organizations. Starbucks, for instance, volunteered over 20 employees. I turned the nick-name, “The Escarpment Project” into a legal  non-profit organization in order to take advantage of corporate participation in the fall of 2013 so I could give them a number for their postings.  It is still run in the same manner as the first clean-up at Devil’s Punchbowl. Any money that is donated goes toward clean-up supplies, safety equipment, insurance and other things needed to run these events. There are no paid staff members and everything is still 100% volunteer. I still even use money from my own back pocket to pay for stuff as well. If you need our social-profit number in order to help out just ask.

Do you provide restroom facilities?

NOPE! there are no restrooms available because you will be hiking in nature. Please go before you leave or stop somewhere on the way.

If you are attending the BBQ there are port-o-pottys there.

Do you ever have cancellations or postponements?

We usually go rain or shine and dress for proper weather conditions but because mother nature does not always co-operate there may be a need to cancel/postpone the clean-up due to dangerous ground conditions or severe weather. If that is necessary the date will be published on our blog, the front page of our website and throughout our social media channels. If the weather is questionable check our social media notices for updates, but expect that it would need to be a very exceptional harsh weather situation for us to cancel.

Can I get my community service hours?

Students who attend either HWCDSB or HWDSB are able to get community service hours. Schools supply forms to fill out that can usually be obtained from the guidance department or you can click on one of these links to download them;

HWCDSB Activity Record Sheet
HWDSB Community Service Form

Students attending school outside of Hamilton may also get community service hours. Talk to your guidance department to obtain an Activity Record Sheet.

What do I need to bring?

  • Food

We are not supplying food at the project locations. Bring a snack and water at least. Depending on how long you wish to volunteer for you may want to bring an actual lunch. Hiking can sure work up an appetite. It may just look like trees on a hill but once you are in a valley it takes time to hike out and it can be more rugged than you anticipate depending on your location.

  • First Aid

If you have your own first aid kit it is a good idea to bring it. There are lots of slippery, loose and sharp rocks as well as fallen trees and tree branches to cut or scratch yourself on. You could also slip and sprain an ankle or worse.

  • Clothing

Dress for proper weather conditions. Remember to dress in layers. There is also a chance you will get your feet muddy and wet so its a good idea to bring extra socks and boots. If you put plastic bags over your feet when you put them in your boots that will help keep your feet dry.

Although gloves are being made available, they aren’t high quality and you may prefer something better like gardening gloves. Because of the time of year you may even wish to wear insulated gardening gloves.

When and where do we meet?

Some areas have more than once location. There is a map and explanation on each project location page. Click here for a list of projects that will take you to the appropriate page and location map.

We celebrate the annual clean-up on the last Sunday of April each year and have interim clean-ups sometimes, be sure to check each project’s page for details about the date and start time. Click here for a list of projects

Can I bring my pet to the clean-ups?

Please Do NOT bring your pets

Can we bring our children to the cleanups?

Use your best judgement with your children. Its a great way to teach them about taking responsibility for their community and how to give back, but there are also hazards.

They could slip, fall, sprain an ankle or worse. Be sure to review safety with them so that your entire family or group can have a rewarding and safe experience making one of our greatest Natural Heritage area’s more enjoyable for all

Are the clean-ups safe?

It is NOT safe for everyone. If you are not custom to hiking you should stay on a trail at all times and show up at an easier location to hike through. The more prepared you are, the safer and more enjoyable of an experience it will be for everyone. If you dress for proper weather conditions and walk safely you should have no problems.

Can I make a donation or sponsor too?

The Escarpment Project welcomes sponsorships and donations. If  you would like to sponsor or donate to The Escarpment Project you can do so by clicking here. We also have various levels of sponsorship.

Sponsoring The Escarpment Project is a great opportunity for businesses. Through our various levels of sponsorship businesses have the opportunity to promote themselves not only to the hundreds of volunteers who participate in the event, but to the general public as part of The Escarpment Project’s online and print advertising.

If you would like more information about sponsorship Click here and fill out the form on our Sponsorship Page for more info. We would be happy to share our sponsorship package with you for this years sponsorship opportunities.

Is it really the largest volunteer environmental clean up in Canada?

It is definitely the largest of its kind. By that I mean it takes place simultaneously, in one location and it’s in the same geological area/forest. (The Niagara Escarpment.) Some organizations just have people telling them when and where they are cleaning up and add it to their list.  That’s like asking everyone to tell you when they are going to clean their backyard or garage just so you can add it to your list and promote that you have the largest backyard or garage clean-up. Don’t get me wrong. I believe its important to keep the world as natural and unpolluted as possible, and I believe that by doing it at any level is honourable. I just do things differently and think that doing it all at once has a greater impact on people and their communities than many smaller clean-ups. Think of it this way – What will have a greater impact? A few people going to work on a Monday and telling co-workers they cleaned the environment, or a lot of people going to work and spreading the word? I believe its the latter of the two and hope you’ll join us and spread the word.

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